Wildlife letters for children – LETTER 1 – Bees – Worldwide



Do you remember the feeling of excitement when receiving a hand-written letter in the post? A letter you knew was from a pen pal living too far away to meet on a regular basis. A letter with added photos, little objects and souvenirs to it. How lovely it felt to receive it and send back something equally precious!

Let me introduce personalised physical letters for children that are interested in wildlife. Each letter will contain wildlife-related facts, images and a list of suggested activities to keep the kids busy, happy and entertained. Suggested age group – 7-14 years old.

During the pandemic I’ll be charging very little – only to cover the production costs (the price includes post stamp’s cost at €1.7, the cost of printing, envelope and the PayPal fee. It does not cover the cost of researching, writing, designing and my trips to the post office or the post boxes).

You can buy for your child/children also 3 weeks subscriptions – within each subscription, one letter will be sent every week and every third letter will have a little giveaway – a postcard, a sticker, a bookmark, a badge, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This letter has been written in late March and it mentions spring – it should therefore be ordered in the spring time.